Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are you a "Fudge Queen"? How you identify with food!

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In my wanderings around the internet this morning I noticed an article from Rebuilding Wellness by Sue Ingebretson.  She had some interesting ideas about choosing your identity and how it relates to your physical well being.  She began with with the words, "Do you know who you are?" and then went on to say:
I’m talking about our “food identity” — who we believe ourselves to be, in relationship to food. Think about the friend who considers herself the “Donut Diva” because she brings donuts to every breakfast meeting at work. Then there’s the “Goodies Goddess” who totes homemade sweets to women’s meetings or to the classroom for her child’s holiday and birthday parties.
I thought it was such an interesting idea.  We have all said "I am the ________Queen!  Just show me a ______________ and I will______________."  I think you should read this article.  The idea that we can change our health by changing the way we identify with food is very interesting.  The article was called "Identity Theft and Donut Divas".

Just a thought!

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