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Perfect is not perfect! The Taj Mahal, Agra India

Post from New Delhi: I can honestly say that this country amazes at every turn. It is not just one thing. The Taj Mahal is beyond amazing but so is the greenery, the filth and garbage, the apparel, traffic and the beauty. It seems that moderation has no part of the conversation here in India. Even the weather and pollution will bring the weak to their knees.  I will have been here four weeks this weekend. I have stayed in Mahal 1 here at the AES school most of the time. The temperature today is 104 and air quality lingers around 332. Not a fit day for man or beast we would say in the USA. Yet life goes on a normal.  When we visited Agra last weekend, the temp was 108 and the humidity was 100 percent. A monsoon rain hit hard and sent the population scurrying to keep water out of their businesses. My earlobes were dripping sweat.  The Grand Hotel, one of the best  in India. Located in Dehli. I  spent 1 night. Reflecting pond lead the path to the Taj Mahal and Mosque   Sunrise at the Taj

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