Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why Hear Aids...I'm deaf and my family was suffering!

The neighbors said if we weren't going to watch the
Cubs we needed to turn the TV off!
     As the younger set would say OMG!!! I am now the proud owner of two, not just one, but two hearing aids!!!  Did I tell you I need them?  Well I do.  My hearing is less than 2/3 of what it should be and the TV in our house was blaring so loud our neighbor, Tom, knew what our taste in TV was and did not necessarily agree with us.
     If you or your husband had a pair of hearing aids several years ago and found they were more of a problem than a help, I totally understand.   The old hearing aids  were not good in crowds, the listening device was big and unsightly and the ear pieces hurt your ears no matter what the tech did to them. You are probably so disillusioned you think you cannot or will not wear them ever again. My husband fought getting new ones for that very reason!  He finally conceded that he needed help.  Soon after he was fitted with his he sent me to get tested too.  Now I am urging you to give the new hearing aids a try.   I think you will be happy with the results.  In Oregon we can return them within 30 days if we don't want them.  I don't see how you could go wrong.
    Hearing loss takes a toll on you but it is the people around you who suffer.  Loud talking, embarrassed missed verbal cues and withdrawal because the person with the hearing loss cannot understand are only a few of the things that are a problem for the wife or husband.  The family will be frustrated when the person with the loss claims "they hear better than anyone realizes" because they don't recognize the depth of their problem.  I had a friend say once that it was not fair to the wife/husband when the partner did not get help for hearing loss.  I think the statement is absolutely true.
     Fitting the hearing aids takes very little time and the technology for fitting them just for your needs is absolutely amazing.  I was astounded when I put mine on and had no feeling of them being very loud or amplifying the background noise.  I simply could hear better.  I know I was talking very loud and I could even feel my voice volume going down.  It was just wonderful.
     So, how did the cost for these babies add up.  I know that is what you are asking so let's just cut right to the chase.  Costco...what can I say!  They are less expensive with no pressure to buy or not buy because the guy that does the testing and fitting is NOT on commission. Because our hearing loss is so profound,  my husband and I went with the most expensive Costco had to sell in the ReSound line.  At $2500 for two hearing aids, we both thought is was a bargain.   We were both fitted with ReSound hearing aids designed for people with profound to mild hearing loss.   They are very comfortable with soft ear buds or a soft fitted ear piece.  I chose a black aid that fits behind the ear with a soft wire and ear bud that goes in the year.  My glasses have black temples over the ear and you absolute would not know I even had them on.
      I see that Costco has a Kirkland brand hearing aids too.  If I were you, I would ask what you really need so you can compare and see if they might work.  But I do love the ReSound ones.  Believe me it is as though the world is tuned in again.  I am thrilled and my family is relieved!  Even my granddaughter is delighted!
      I wanted to give you a word of encouragement if you were undecided...people around you will be so grateful!
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