Monday, October 4, 2010


I have been going a little modem for our Internet service has gotten so slow and it is taking foreverrrrrrrr for my pages to load!!  Frustration does not become me.  But even at that, I still love all things techy or gadgetty or new.  Probably new is my "Black!"  Anything that come down the pike that might be a breakthrough, whether it be technology, medicine, writing or even art, I am very curious what it is all about.  I suppose that would be the reason I started blogging.  Everyday is a learning experience.

Some my recent favorites have been:
Neck Slimmer from the Amazon Store  Yes I do own one of these and I have several friends that use them too.  Really, these do work.  You sit in front of the TV doing nothing...just pick this little gadget up and do a few scrunches with it and you are done.  I even think my posture gets better because my neck is stronger.  It is not expensive and worth a try!
TV Ears These were a gift for my husband...and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!  I don't actually use them but my husband does.  They sit on our dresser upstairs so if he decides to watch TV early in the morning or late at night he can do that without bothering me!  They really do work!
Alen Air Purifier
When we returned from the desert this last spring the pollen count was so high that asthma became a problem for me.  My husband came home with a terrible bout with Valley Fever.  The first thing we did was order this air turned out to be one of the best purchases ever.  It has made a tremendous difference in our health.
My parents owned the very first TV in town and my husband has followed in his footsteps.  He has purchased every kitchen gadget known to man that has come on the market since 1960.  I have pasta makers, electric knives, ice cream makers, a huge Kitchen Aid mixer, an electronic thermometer...well you get the drift.  We have had one of those little fireplaces put out by the shakers for several years...before they became so popular...before global warming caused people to think about giving up the wood burning fireplace.  We were owners of the very first Apple computer back in the day when Steve Jobs attended Apple User workshops in Portland.  I am still an Apple user and we own a Apple MacBook Pro 
 as well as a desktop.  The desktop model is mine and I am using a wireless keyboard and mouse right now.  We are the gadget King and Queen!!!  If you know about something we don't have let us know...we will buy it and give it a try!!!  I don't know why but we just will!  

I am always on the look out for the new latest thing...even in makeup and fashion.  I just love that sort of thing.  You know I will always keep you in the loop...what is the fun in trying something new and not telling everyone you know what you know????  I know...people do avoid me sometimes but I guess I don't care!

Have a wonderful day.  If you would click on the follow button I would really appreciate it.  Thank you for reading. 


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