Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It said "USED RECREATIONAL VEHICLE FOR SALE"...their dream is coming true!

Marcia and Leon

The Cactus Wren forever making a nest!

It's all about the nest....retiring in style that is!  Those of us that live the life style love to see others working toward the day when they too can enjoy all the things we love.  That is what we were privileged to do yesterday.

My husband and I were treated to a visit from a fellow blogger; Marcia (RV Poetry) and her husband Leon. It really is amazing how much we knew about each other even though this is the first time we had been in the same room/state/part of the world!  That is the way the blogging community works. 

They live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. but have ties in Washington State where they recently sold a home. This was their maiden voyage in the small recreational vehicle.  They have been on the road for six weeks, visiting Washington to take care of business.  Now they are making their way back home and visiting other bloggers/friends along the way.  We were very lucky that they chose to stop overnight here in our RV resort in Tucson, AZ.

Leon and Marcia are in a business that allows them to work on the road part of the time.  So, when they made the leap and bought a beautiful used recreation vehicle (Class C) recently, they could hardly wait to begin making the coach look and feel they way they wanted.  They are very creative people and once they are done, the manufacturer may want to follow their example in a future design.

We talked for several hours, ate dinner at a gorgeous authentic Tucson, AZ restaurant and this morning, I invited myself to their coach where I took some pictures and got a vision of what this small RV "doll house" on wheels was going to look like.

The ultimate in small used recreational vehicles!
It seems the manufacturer of Lazy Days RVs built this wonderful small Class C recreational vehicle to last.  The addition of a new sink in the kitchen required the use of a crow bar to remove the old sink.  
The area normally used as a bedroom can be converted to a living room during the day!
 The design was very unique too.  Features included a lounge like bedroom area.  They had removed the old bed setup and installed foam mattress that were free of all odor emissions but were still fire proof.  The beds slide apart and convert into couches against each wall.  They have added a wall mounted flat screen TV so the area becomes a perfect living area during the day.  Marcia and Leon decided on this crisp blue and white color scheme that make the area look so clean and beach like.  Because all the curtains can be removed, they can take advantage of the views.  I like this a lot.  I can't tell you how many times the actual scenic view is out the small back bedroom window especially in the back-in spots in camp grounds or RV resorts.

Cab Area is curtained off while parked and stores clothes!

Marcia had several ideas for how to use the cab area when they were parked.  Because they need office equipment and have much of that stored in what was once the clothes closet, they decided to convert the cab area into a closet/storage area that can be set up and dismantled in matter of minutes.  A closet rod was attached to the cab over bed area and did not interfere with their movement when the clothes are moved to a small rod in the back of the vehicle while they travel down the road. She had also thought of a drop down desk for this part of the coach but decided against it.  The over cab bed will be used as storage. 

They will be back...I hope.  Leon can golf with my husband and Marcia and I will visit Tubac or go up do the art galleries in the Catalina foothills.  I will be anxious to see how this beautiful small recreational vehicle has evolved as they use it more and more!

So, like the wren that works on a nest in the cactus next to our park model, those of us that travel are always making a home out of whatever we can find to use....I think Marcia and Leon have found just the perfect nest making material for their life style.  I wish them well!

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  1. Barbara, it was so much fun to read this and see us from someone else's perspective. Glad it was from your perspective, lol. Thank you!

    Here's to many more trips and more good food!


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