Saturday, October 30, 2010

Skinny Blue Jeans and Horse Shoes!

Beautiful well used horse shoes!

June...a cowgirl dressed in vintage denim jacket and creased skinny blue jeans.

Hal and his beautiful hand crafted horse-shoe box...a gift.
When people like Hal (Harold) and June come out to play we take note. They are the heart of our winter home and have our admiration and affection. 

Hal is in his late eighties but he still plays golf several times a week.  His second hobby (if you don't count playing poker) is horse shoes.  Hal lives directly across the street from us.  He is a widower and his name along with his late wife's appears on a name plate on the front of his park model.  His lady friend doesn't seem to mind...they are very close but live in different parks.  I think he is a wonderful example for the rest of us.

June is approaching 90.  (Advanced have nothing on us!)  She was very ill winter before last.  She had lost control of her diabetes.  She showed us what strength and a lot of smart can do when you are ill.  She is very well now so she shops, plays bingo and attends the cocktail hour several times a week.  On top of all this...this woman knows how to dress!!  Her denim skinny blue jeans and her vintage blue jean jacket show what a very very stylish lady she in Tucson AZ.  After all this is cowboy country!

I am very proud to share the lives of people that are wise and very strong...someday I want to be as well respected as they are. 


Cowboy Songs for the Country Music Love in Your life!
After all Christmas is coming!!!



  1. I remember my GrandPa used to wear this, and he always looked very strong and confident in it! :)

  2. Ah ,yes, staying connected and interested in life's little pleasures is the secret of life.


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