Saturday, November 13, 2010

Makeup Tip of the Week...Tinted Moisturizer My Way!

Youth Dew by Estee Lauder for Women 2.2 oz Eau de Parfum Spray (Unboxed)
Este Lauder Youth Dew?  I need some of that!
     Do you wear makeup every day?  I was just a little surprised at the question.  Really, I didn't think of my morning routine as "putting on make-up".  I have used a trick for years to arrive at the final destination in the face reconstruction part of my day.  I did not even realize that it made my face look a little made a good way!
     I discovered early on that makeup was very expensive.  Cheap cosmetics did not give good results and actually made my skin feel creepy and dirty.  So I began buying very expensive "foundation" as they so logically call that stuff with the color in it.  I have used Este Lauder with good results for several years.  The bottle of makeup you see at the right is such a good deal compared to what I pay at the local department! 
     I know, you can now buy tinted moisturizer from vendors.  But I prefer to do it my way.  Now here is the the moisturizer you would normally buy.  In the morning put a very small squirt of the makeup in your hand the with your moisturizer and mix them together. I think an all natural skin care product is a good choice for both the foundation and the moisturizer.  Remember, just enough makeup to tint the lotion.  You can use less or more depending on how "madeup" you need to look on that day.  (I don't waste the good stuff on a day when I wash and iron.)  Then apply the mixture like you would your moisturizer.  Wa have accomplished two thing with one simple step.  When I am going to be in the sun I even add a little sunscreen to the mixture.  If you do this you can tint your moisturizer with different shades of makeup if you want to do that.  This is such an inexpensive quick way to start the day.  The foundation may cost you more than cheap stuff but it will last FOREVER!  Add a small amount of mascara, lip gloss and you will look wonderful...every day.
     So for the woman that asked me Do you wear makeup every day? the answer is yes...I guess I do!  A friend told me today that it is our responsibility to keep America tube of lipstick at a time!  I am just doing my part!  :) 

PS I have to go now and order some of these products I have shown you today...I think I have been paying too much for good makeup...these prices are great!
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