Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Afford a Winter Season "Home"

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Do I want a vacation home in the warm sun? Yes but how can I afford that???

We are always in such a rush to get on with our retirement life that we will make decisions about it long before we have even giving the choices a try. Really, there are a lot of choices. I want to talk today about the choices you will make concerning those cold winter month you endure in the north part of the USA. Should you travel, buy a second home, a prefab park model/trailer or just stay in the north and tough it out? That is what I know about.

Living at the end of the rainbow!
I have known people that saved for that beautiful RV or fifth wheel, bought it as soon as they retired, traveled south to stay in an RV Resort and wonder if they have made the right choice.  An RV or fifth wheel can be very, very expensive.  When they arrive here in our RV resort and see the charming little prefab park models, they realize that they could have a park model home for much less that they paid for their last car...a lot less. When they compare the cost to what they paid for their RV they are shocked.  They would not need to drive a park model through snow drifts to get here every winter.  They would not need to store it in the summer. They would not need to buy gas (yikes!) or maintain a pickup if they are towing a fifth wheel.

Others come for one month to stay in a vacation rental. Maybe they will rent a condo for a lot $$$ or an apartment in a run down complex for less $. Then one day they will be out exploring and discover the RV resorts. After an inquiry they realize that they can live in a very nice place and not be afraid or spend a fortune on a condo rental!
Our Park Model on the End of the Street
I bet that not one new person that has come to our RV Resort has avoided running this through their minds. Our resort is so appealing that almost everyone that stays here is drawn to it's small resort charm and big resort amenities.  Those of us living here would keep it a secret if we could.  We have a great life.

I personally look at our park model like a clunker car.  Old, or new the manufactured home as really very nice. We will ride ours hard and put it away wet for as long as we live.  Then like that old clunker car, we will give it away for almost nothing. I do not see it as an investment anymore that I see a vacation as an investment.  It is just pleasure money down the drain. That is why we saved when we were younger. I don't worry about the rent on the space...it really is cheaper than renting a park model. We are so comfortable and surrounded by our own stuff.

If we were to invest in a new prefab park model we would leave it to our children. Then they could use it hard for many years. Many of the people living here are second generation.

It is a luxury we can afford and that is the best kind!

I live in Rincon Country East RV Resort but there are so many here in Tucson you really should check around.  Voyager Resort used to be a 10-10-10 in Camper Life and even has a small golf course restaurant and motel.  They also have a lot of Park Models.

If you have any questions fell free to leave a comment and I will reply.

Be well.

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