Saturday, February 26, 2011

Google Books & & Amazon...look what I found! The Last Convertible by Anton Myrer

The Last Convertible
Ask for it on Kindle!
I read The Last Convertible almost 30 years ago and I still play the words over in my mind.  Why is it that some books resonate with us in such a way that we never forget the words and the images they plant in our mind?  Anton Myrers wrote a book like that...I'm not sure if he ever won an award.  I only know that when I point that book out to a friend and they read it, they will do what I it again.  It may be a generational speaks to the era that I was raised in.  I wanted to climb into the pages and live the story with the characters.  One reviewer on Amazon said she would have given it 10 stars if she could have.  She could have been my granddaughter.  The book is evergreen!

In a book review published on Good Reads the reviewer said, 
"Anton Myrer's beloved, bestselling novel of America's World War II generation is as powerful now as it was upon its publication. An immediate classic, it tells the story of five Harvard men, the women they loved — and the elegant car that came to symbolize their romantic youth. It is also the story of their coming-of-age in the dark days of World War II, and of their unshakable loyalty to a lost dream of Camelot, of grace and style, in the decades that followed. The Last Convertible is a gripping tribute to a way of living that immortalized the "Greatest Generation" ."
When you read it, and you really should, you will find that you know these people.  Crystabel is the girl everyone's husband loves.  There is a beautiful blond self centered and selfish young man that Crystabel loved beyond reason.  The narrator and "keeper of the flame" in the group, George Virdon,  is the guy every girl would have been grateful to have married.  He is solid, steady and deliberate.  His wife, Nan, is frustrating and unpredictable.  The convertible is the object that represents their youth, innocence and lifestyle during the coming of age time in their lives.  Myrer tells the story that spans over 30 years in such a way that you will be swept away.  It is available at Amazon, on Google Book and at Abe Books...just find it and read it.  You won't regret the choice!

I know you all have a will be the one that spoke to your heart in a way that is unexplainable.  For me it was The Last Convertible.  

What is your all time favorite and why?


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  1. I owned The Last Convertible but it must have been one I traded in at the used book store. So, I just added it to my Hold list at the library. I remember enjoying it, so it is time for a revisit.

    One of my favorites is an unusual choice because I love it...but only 75% of the way. The ending disturbs me because of the self-centeredness. But, until that point I love Atlas Shrugged and it's story of strong people fighting against the lowest common denominator.

    A polar opposite favorite: Now We are Six, by A.A. Milne. Winny the Pooh can do no wrong.



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