Monday, June 27, 2011

Hang onto your hats! Tom's Shoes founder commented on my blog and I sold our Condo!

I'm very has been a very busy month, week, day.  I am trying to wrap my mind around what has happened.  It started very simply.  My Granddaughter and Grandson had birthdays.  My son and his family flew in from China.  Then the grandson graduated from high school.  My blog was recognized on Virtual Granny and I received a comment from Brent Mycoskie, founder of Tom's Shoes, for a piece I wrote for Blog Critics. AND to top it all off my house sold today.  Two offers came in within 24 hours and it seems we have sold the condo.

But other than that nothing much has happened.  Sorry to disappoint you.  Life as a retiree can be very slow.  But not today!!!!

The house sale was huge and greatly desired.  My grandson graduating from high school was the best.  Being recognized by Virtual Granny is so important to me.  But a comment from Brent Mycoskie is beyond anything.  Really.  He has done such a wonderful thing by creating a for profit business that supports itself and also provides one pair of shoes for a child that is barefoot for every pair sold to people like you and me.  I am sure that my grandson would hope to do something as meaningful during his lifetime.  I want you to read his comment, go to his website and reflect on what he has done:
Thanks for the mention of TOMS in your blog. Yes, the ATT ad was a driving force in moving the company to a profitable position which has now allowed the launch of a new one-for-one giving vision back to people in under-developed countries. Hopefully, there will be more to follow. ATT continues to be a great partner with TOMS on many fronts. They sponsored a "shoe drop" in September during which the 1 millionth pair of shoes was given. ATT execs traveled with TOMS to Argentina for that milestone event.

Read more:

So what does a retiree do all day?  She just hangs onto her hat.

Have a wonderful week.



  1. We are so happy that you and Earl have had such an amazing, whirlwiind couple of days! Life IS good! :)

  2. I am definitely a Tom's shoes fan. I am more thrilled for you than I was for my sister when she got all of the Monkeys to sign her program!!!!

    Oh yes, the condo sale---two thumbs up!


  3. That's great for you then. Congratulations. I'm really happy for you. The fact that you sold your condo is really great.

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