Sunday, July 3, 2011

Style, the Mirror and a Pose!

In my minds eye!
Style from Pendleton

I love fashion blogs.  Ari Cohen's Advanced Style has a found a place my heart.  Aging divas from around the world read Ari's post and love his eye for finding stylish older women.  He knows what women of an "advanced age" know.  A girl never feels old until she looks in a mirror.

What I might really be wearing.
Duster from The Tog Shop
Imagine a world without a mirror...suppose at the age of 66 you were denied the use of a reflection of yourself and all you ever saw was what was reflected in the back of your eye.  How would your life be changed?  Would you look in other's people eyes for a reflection of yourself? Maybe you would see yourself in the expression on a child's face or a smile from a passing strainger.

I think we would somehow continue to think of ourselves as younger.  We would wear clothes as though they we hanging on a mature but beautiful woman's body.  Style for us would be what we saw on a woman of a beauty walking down the avenue. We would live as though she lived in our body.

I could never pose like the ladies on Ari's blog.  That bent leg or tilted head is not my style.  Maybe he has a way of making his models feel coy and shy.  I have never been either so it would take a wizard to transform me.

I have a few pictures of myself that are truly the way I see myself...neck slim, hair shining and a clear relaxed smile.  If all the mirrors in the world were gone tomorrow I would live with that image in my minds eye. Life would be good.

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