Monday, August 15, 2011

Making our house a home!

You know that ad selling storage boxes.  They suggest you clean everything out so you will have more space.  Then you can buy all those beautiful baskets and boxes that look gorgeous on your shelve.  The last and final chapter in the story need to fill the boxes with lots of new stuff.

Well, selling your old house and buying a new one is a lot like that.  We sorted and disposed of all the old stuff.  We bought a beautiful new storage unit (house) and now we really need new stuff.  Some of it can wait but some things just will not wait for even a month.  The list goes like this for us:
  • Pot rack for the kitchen
  • Gadget hooks for the kitchen
  • Curtains and Blinds for the windows
  • Some plants for the window box
  • A new TV (you saw this one coming didn't you?)
My husband made the kitchen stuff for me...he is very handy.  Then today we went out shopping for curtains and blinds.  I decided on curtains from Target for our two bedrooms and the office/tv room.  My husband has very good taste so we are good at the job of choosing.  I love sheers so I am putting them in the guest bedroom where most of my antiques have found a home.  We will wait on the living/dining room.

The curtains I found for the master bedroom have tabs on the back of the top hem to give a beautiful pleated look when they were hung.  These blackout curtains matched the bedroom decor and it turned out that they were a lot less than the regular lined curtains.  They almost feel like canvas and press beautifully.  The curtains we bought for the office/tv room are  silk-like in a beautiful copper color.  The match stick blinds came from Home Depot.  We were very lucky to find them in the right size off the rack so we could hang two side by side and they fit the windows perfectly.

The total for 4 fabric panels and 2 sheers plus two decorative rods came to  $126.  I thought that was very good.

I might add that our office/tv room is a mishmash of traveling treasures and momentos.  A designer would have a fit but you know what, it is just kind of comfortable.  The room has two chairs and will probably be used by the two of us all of the time.  So we can just let it be.
Curtain from Target...match stick blinds from Home Depot

Desk/TV Stand!  Odd but very practical!
We also bought a new flat screen TV.  Our old tv from the condo was 11 years old and huge!  The flat screen fits on top of the desk and leaves room for my husband's laptop when he needs to use the desk.  Our furniture has never fit so nicely in any house before.

I bought a rosemary plant because I cannot cook without rosemary and I love to step out the back door and cut some from the plant.  I bought lavender and coreopsis for the planter that hangs under my kitchen window.  We brought some plants from our other house and they are already in the ground.  I want a bed of shasta daisies and coreopsis in the front yard but they will wait until later this fall or next summer.

The most important
thing that makes it really feel like home
is a visit from our grandchildren.
So there you have it...the first steps in the process of settling in.  It is a lot of fun.


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