Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trader Joe's Perfect Dripless Candle Discontinued

I know you have been looking for these candles but were disappointed when arriving at the store.  Here is the letter I received from costomer relations at Trader Joe's. (Previous article)

1. Our Trader Joe's Danish Dripless Candles have been discontinued due to slow sales in all of our stores. Our TJ'S White Danish Candles were only available in specific Midwest and East Coast stores due to a limited amount of stock found in our warehouse.
2. These products are specifically manufactured for us, therefore they are not available under any other name at any other retailer.
3. Trader Joe's and it's private labeled products are privately owned, therefore we follow a very strict disclosure policy along side our suppliers. Due to this policy, we do not disclose any of our supplier information.
Many thanks,
Nicki K.Customer RelationsTrader Joe's


  1. i love the dripless candles...the best is that they self extinquish.
    are they every coming back?????

  2. I just bought a package of 8 tapers, cream color, dripless and self extinguish today at Trader Joe's in Houston

  3. Trader joes please try again!! if you let more people know how great they are you will salee millions.. thank you jeanie


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