Thursday, February 23, 2012

New York Times: Why do people confess when they are innocent?

New York Times article
I know I have told you this before, but I am guilty.  If a policeman came to my door and asked about a robbery in the neighborhood, I would confess.  In fact I would probably confess before he asked about the crime.  I don't know why but a police officer approaching my car door in a speed trap just scares me to death.  I have gotten a big ticket and had insurance premiums go up because I could not defend myself against the accusation...even if I was really sorta innocent, new to town or just going with the flow of traffic.  Darn.

When I read this article in the the NYTs about a teen that confessed because he was feeling threatened I could relate to how the young man felt.  Guilt can be a great motivator.   Do you think that guilt pushes us more than we care to admit?  Do we do things for others, attend church and lavish gifts on our family because on some level we feel guilty for our good fortune?  It could be.

It is just a thought!


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