Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How old will you be when you quit climbing trees?

How old will you be when you quit doing dangerous things?  I ask because a friend told me the other day that she would not get up off the floor without help.  She is in her 50's.  I scolded her a little! I think the inability to help ourselves is as dangerous as climbing trees. And I know that you can get up off the floor when you are very old.  The trouble is not that you can't do it but that you forget how.  We will forget how to turn over in bed or how to look under the bed for monters.  Although all those are easy tasks if you stay in practice, even riding a bicycle can be a challenge if you haven't actually been on one for several years.  I am staying in practice because I personally don't like monsters under my bed.

Curves has a program for exercise that will wake up you muscles...or at least that is what happened for me.  I suppose yoga or any exercise will do the same.  Then get down on the floor and figure it out.  I am including a YouTube video that shows not only how to get up off the floor but also how to roll over.  Simple?  Well, that is up to you.  I personally don't want to be part of a commercial talking about how I could not get up off the floor.  How about you?

Oh, and about climbing tree...just don't do that please.  You could get hurt...I'm just saying!  :)

Be well.



  1. As a recently retired PE and health teacher, I am seriously thinking of starting up a company called MoveYourBumb.com. It really is that simple.


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