Friday, July 20, 2012

Sony NEX-5N The Coolest Camera Around...and I have one on order!

I ordered a new camera! It is a Sony NEX-5N Black Digital SLR Camera With 18-55mm Lens - NEX-5NK/B in black!  How cool is that.  This is one of the most exciting purchases I can make...well  a new computer or a Kindle excites me too!  But still this is absolutely huge in my life. We have been shopping online for the camera for several months now and finally decided to visit the camera store so we could hold it in our hand.  It turned out that this camera had a bigger area to capture the picture than other similar cameras and was the one all the people in the store were wild about.  We added the telephoto lens to the package because I want to take some architecture shots.  I will add other lenses later.  

I love that this relatively little camera allows me to change lenses and learn to do some very technical things.  We also purchased an extra battery.  I have used a Sony for many years so I know the quality and ease of use is just what I want. It is very hard to actually find one in the Portland Metro area with the type of package we were able to put together. One store had a plastic model on the shelf! Take a look by visiting the link above.



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