Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pinterest Fall's all in the Crayola Box!

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Living in a small space can be a challenge when it come to shifting gears from winter to fall.  Here in the northwest the air is already beginning to feel a little fallish.  So I am thinking about what I can do so that we can have a change without breaking the bank.  Ya-know-what-I-mean?

Summer buying season is over so outdoor furnishings are going on sale.  When shopping for fall in summer goods, I think the color is the most important thing. I personally love oranges and browns in the fall. Outdoor throw pillows can be found at Marshalls for example...the color can work and they will be on the sale table when the end of the season approaches.

When I look for colors in a new season, I always check the fashion blogs. The colors we love to wear should be the ones we use in our homes.  That is when we feel the most comfortable in a room...the colors suit our personal style.

Even when we begin to look around the room we can find ways to make small changes with a big impact.  Don't forget spray paint...the colors are amazing. Something old can become new again if you give them a shot of fall color. I think baskets would be wonderful spay painted in a variety of colors.  If you had a collection you could hang on the wall, why not use several different colors to give the space a pop of color while using a like texture to tie everything together. The curtain rods below are an example of the colors that are available in spray paint. WOW!

I have prints I have framed of fall scenes in local wineries.  I did purchase these but you can take a few pictures with your camera, print them in 5" x 7" and purchase a inexpensive frame to hang them. I also have pictures of grandchildren sitting on pumpkins that come out every year. I love that little personal touch. And it is all about the color...such a small thing!

Transitioning into fall is so much fun.  Believe it or not I am ready for summer to be over when it actually happens.  It just feels good to have a change...even when I just put a new picture on the wall or spray paint the curtain rods!

I had so much fun writing this blog post...if it inspires you to visit Pinterest or go looking at fall color trends click on the twitter button and send the blog post out into the world!

Now I want to go shopping...see you later!



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