Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 tips to Make Your Money Stretch in Retirement

What can be new under the sun...have we talked about money and retirement so much we have worn the subject out? Well the answer is a resounding NO. It turns out that the technology sector is very creative when it comes to saving us money. The nerds are working for us again. You all know you need to be to sure to check your bank account regularly. That is a given. But you need to check your smart phone too. S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G your income is getting to be easier and easier thanks to those little devices and the people that write applications for them.

Here are 5 downloads you can use on your smart phone to save you money and time:
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  1. QR Readers:  Shopping can be very tricky these days. The better armed you are, the better you are at finding what you need and at the right price. That is where the QR Code works for you. QR stands for Quick Response. The little square actually contain a world of information.  You can find out more about a product, a store or even the movie advertised on a poster.  You will see them in magazine and online at blogs like mine.  Being informed is always better and can save money.
  2. Barcode Scanners: I have an app on my phone called RedLaser -Barcode Scanner, Shopping... It is an eBAY Inc. product. The applications allows you to walk into a store, any store and find out if the product you are about to buy is priced right. You simply open the RedLaser app, scan the barcode and the phone will tell you where else that product is available in the area and at what price. This so simple and just smart.
  3. Golfing App: My husband is a golfer and was given a gps device that helps him on the golf course. It was expensive and a yearly subscription was necessary. It was called Sky Caddie and he will probably never pay a fee to Sky Caddie again. Why? It turns out that our iphone has an app available called Sky Droid that only cost a $1.99 one time fee that does the same thing. There is another one called GolfLogix that is free. My husband is actually going to start using my iPhone because he wants to use these applications. Stretching the golf dollar is very important these days.
  4. Maps and GPS: My husband and I became the proud owners of a Garmain GPS for our car last year. I don't know why we have it but my husband earned it filling out surveys online so I guess almost free is good. HOWEVER, we have been using the mapping gps on my iphone since I bought the very first iphone several years ago. We have gone through Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the dark and found our way to our destination. I have gotten to be very proficient at operating it. My app was on my phone when I bought it but a search on the Apple App Store would probably give me lots of other choices.
  5. Around Me: I hate to waste gas searching for a place to eat or buy groceries when I am in a strange place. Even down town Portland befuddles me sometimes. Where is that.....? That is when I use the app called Around Me.  I can find the bank, hospital, restaurants and even the motel when we are traveling. It links back to my maps application. When I am traveling, finding the bank can be a real problem. This application has saved our bacon many a time.   
I have only exposed the tip of the iceberg here.  You get a free Kindle application on your iPad. You can also download Nook for free. Skype is a free calling service available on the pads.  Think of how much that saves you. I don't have a hard wired phone in my house. I just use my iPad and iPhone.  You can do your banking without getting in your car. The list goes on and on. Managing your money in todays world means you need to be not only aware of how much money you have in the bank.  You need to be able to manage it and access it.

Just a thought.

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  1. I'm, er, saving money the old-fashioned way -- by not buying a smart phone (and not paying the extra monthly fees)! I use google or (heavens!) sometimes a dead-tree map to get around.

    Seriously, I barely use my regular old dumb cellphone. And I don't think I could see, much less manipulate, those tiny numbers and keys on a smart phone.

    But we are talking about getting an iPad. Don't see that it's really necessary, but it's more convenient and more portable than the laptop.

  2. Barbara,
    you should buy shares in apple. :)

  3. I sometimes long for the simple dead tree map...in fact I actually need one a lot of the time. But the deal is I love the learning curve and all that technology offers. I don't have a phone in my house at all. My email address follows me around the world and my cellphone give me a lot of security.

    As for the iPad...I was very slow to see what I could use it for. I have had it for a year and am just now figuring out how to watch videos while my husband watches football. But I am learning. We only pay for one TV hook up.:)


  4. Shelley,

    I think I do own Apple stock...in my mutual funds. I am not much a Wall Street investor. It scares me a lot!

    Be well.



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