Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Bickering's Christmas Tree Hunt! @blogher #NaBloPoMo

There's a good one...she's doubtful!
Too beautiful!

Family discussion...what is it we are looking for again?
Perfect but too tall!
Perfect but too short!

The perfect family!
Me, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, granddaughter, husband
Side Kick took the picture!
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It runs in the family actually. We bicker for bickering's reason just because. So it only stands to reason that my daughter's family tree hunt would be a noisy discussion from beginning to end. We have learned that the annual trip tests the moral fiber of the family. It goes like this:

The 15 year old runs on her own time schedule so she was naturally a little late. It usually takes two cars because my 19 year old grandson always has a side kick or two tagging along. I always need to go back and get my camera but my son-in-law does not get mad. It really is chancy even getting out of the driveway.

My daughter had claimed her right to choose the tree this year but changed her mind. Her oldest will not be home next Christmas and her youngest will be gone before she knows it. There will be a time when she gets to pick the tree and she knows it will not be nearly as much fun as it is now.

The u-cut tree farm is out in the country. Unlike years past, we are now only going a short distance and we have found a farm that is not 500 acres big. We have been at this for a lot of years so at least we are experienced. A small u-cut tree farm is a good thing. I don't know how the family arrives at a decision when there are only 25 trees! There were at least 1000 today.  It is hard. One child wants a tall tree, another child a full tree, my daughter wants a skinny girly tree and her husband is all about balance, height and geometry. There is a lot of yelling from one end of the tree farm to the other.

About half way through the hunt I did ask if we were close to the best tree yet and my granddaughter pointed out that I had invited myself along so I didn't get to be impatient. It is a good thing that I insult her a lot or it could have been a bad thing for her to say.

As suddenly as it had begun it was over. They all decided and my daughter declared the the tree chosen. The 19 year old and his faithful side kick cut it down and carried it to the pickup. We bickered our way back to the car. My husband stood by my side while we gazed across the foggy landscape covered with evergreens.

We both smiled. Where else could we ever want to be. I love my wonky life.

Be well.



  1. I can hear the discussions and have a huge smile on my face! Thank goodness for convincing her to let the kiddos decide... it all goes too fast. Hope you don't mind a repeat this coming Saturday when we get home. See you soon!

    Love, US!

  2. Dear YOU,

    We are counting on it. I have become a very quiet but good photographer.



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