Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Joel Comm says, " #Spam me....please!" I say, "Me too."

Brief History: Civil War Pensions: The busines...
Business card or historic SPAM?
Brief History: Civil War Pensions: The business card of one of the many attorneys specializing in pension claims, circa 1895. SSA History Archives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you are a blogger for business purposes or not, you know that leaving a connection in a comment to the place you work or write is risky business. I have always thought of it as leaving a business card. Others view it is SPAM! Wow! I suppose there is a very good reason for that but I am still a little puzzled about hiding out. Those of us that blog depend on our Google+ account or take the effort to leave a name and URL in the comment form. Honestly, I am not sure what we are hiding. The word recognition tool takes care of most of the computer generated spam anyway. I like the idea of making connections with the people that stop by to read. If I can help them, I am sure they will return the favor.

Post a guest article with me.
In the past I have charged for posts that had a business connection. I will probably continue to do that. My reasoning is simple. I have spent a lot of time building this blog's audience very like business people build a very good location to sell their goods. People that use that location by renting it pay for the effort put into developing the land, building, etc. A blog is like a virtual business building.

But for a little while I am inviting you to submit ideas relevant to my topic...living the third stage of life. Money, gifts, stories, travel, small space living, retirement lifestyle, grandparenting....send me the ideas for a guest blogger article and I will give you a shot at being a guest blogger. I will try to publish as many as possible free of charge. The property will remain your own...I am only displaying your product. I will allow you to post a link back to your online presence. It is that simple.

Spam Comments
I have changed the information on comments. Please leave a comment with a link to your website or business. Spam with a link to your business. All I ask is that you leave a thought relevant to the article and make it suitable for a child to read. Spam away as much as you want. I will erase anything that is not appropriate...just so you know. Some spam will go away if I think it does not fit.

All I am asking in return is for you to use Twitter to share my articles and post to your facebook account if it is appropriate. I would like for you to click the Google+ button too.

So there you have it...spam away people. Leave a comment, submit an article...use this blog for your very own purposes for a very short time. Let's have some fun!


Note: I left a comment on a website today. This is what I said:

I have decided to open the door a crack. Spam has two sides. The computer generated stuff is invisible to me. I use word recognition for my comments and can delete any comments that simply do not fit.
However, if an online presence has something to say, I am all ears. Tell me who you are and link to your business or blog. The only caveat is that you make all comments tame enough that a child could read them without being tainted and that the comment be relevant to the article. We will see.
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