Sunday, March 10, 2013

RV Resort Living: Girls just want to have fun!

Carole (center) on the golf course!
Girls having fun!
We have had a lip-sync show almost every year since anyone can remember. This is one of the traditions that has remained here in our RV Resort. But it seemed that this is one tradition that might go away. Time has taken it toll and it could be that this will be the last show, at least for a while.  We know how to create our own fun and have the ability to pull almost anything off but a leader that has the talent for this type of thing is pretty rare.

When my friend Jack decided that we needed a show just one more time, the young people planning our activities for us didn't believe that such a thing could be done. Imagine their surprise when the show went on last night to rave reviews with a very large crowd in attendance. Over 275 tickets were counted at the door, people were slipping in the back way and the hall was filled to the rafters. People stood around the edges and everyone laughed through an evening of outrageous fun.
The show director is well into his eighties and suffers some pretty serious maladies, none of which he is willing talk about.  His zest for life and talent at bringing out the best in those around him is something we treasure. The show has been his baby for more years than anyone can remember. A few years ago he gave it up...too old you know. Imagine our delight when he decided to give it one more try. This is hard because not only do you have to have a great idea for a show but then you have to convince people to get up on stage and act silly. I never doubted he would do it. See, I understand how durable and strong older people really are.

But the doubt by those youngers that live among us is palatable. They really don't appreciate the talent that we all have can survive until we are this old. But survive it does. We are living proof that we are in here, in these bodies alive and well.  And we are still very, very good after all these years. We all know the show must go on!

Here is my friend Carole performing a lip-sync piece of the old Cyndi Lauper song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". Even here in the 55+ RV resort, the girls are kicking up their heels. Enjoy.


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  1. My brother and sister-in-law recently retired to a RV community in Fla for half the year and live in their native CT the other half of the year.

    They email weekly on the fun they're having within the RV park. Much more fun than they ever had at home. BUSY, busy, busy - all the time and LOVIN' IT.

  2. You know what Bonnie...this is the very comment I hear from people all the time. We are very busy here but when we go home, we become very isolated.

    My husband moved to a 55+ housing development this last year and things have gotten a lot better for us in Oregon.

    Thank you for stopping by.



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