Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On Patience: Be patient. God is almost done with me. When he's done, I will start teaching you.

Be patient...God isn't finished with me yet!
We all do things that annoy others. Somethings we do in spite of the fact we know we are annoying others. Sometimes we make a mistake or stumble and fall. We need ask forgiveness for the first. As for the second, there should be no comment or even a raised eye brow. No one wants to fall down on purpose...well unless you are a clown. So why should anyone be made to feel the failure when they are slumped on the ground with a bruised knee. Here is what a fellow blogger said about parents scolding their children for spilling milk. The wise words came from her son:
“...parents do it all the time. Scold kids for doing things they didn’t want to do in the first place. Nobody wants to spill a drink. It isn’t in anyone’s nature to want to spill anything." Susan Bonifant on Worth Mentioning
You know there is a certain similarity to the way young parents see their aging parents and the children that inhabit their homes, spilling milk and breaking stuff. It is hard being a young adult. They are in a hurry and it would be nice if the children and the grandparents could act more like they do.

Even when these same grandparents are away from their home, they find themselves to be a little annoying. In the areas snowbirds gather to spend the winter, young people are put to the test. Lots has been written by those that deal with the elder invasions about old people and driving skills or checking out at the grocery.

I am a snowbird and I have seen all of this in real time. Snowbirds don't rush to get through grocery shopping, may seem to be in need of help (even though they don't want it) and drive differently than younger people. They have seen a lot of bad things in their lifetime so they are a more careful and they want you to be too. If you feel like yelling at them or pushing them along/aside, remember it is not their goal to make you angry...no one would want to do that.

I am reminded of that sign I see once in a while.  There is a little person on it and the words are "Be patient. God isn't done with me yet." I suppose elders need a sign that says "Be patient. God is almost done with me." Elders may move a little slower but boy are they smart and experienced. Keep that in mind. There is plenty of room for you, your children and for your elders...just move over a bit.

It is just a thought.

Be well.


Thanks to Susan Bonifant of Worth Mentioning blog for making me think. I am grateful for that. You need to read Nobody Wants to Spill a Drink


  1. You made my day, Barbara. I appreciate so much that this resonated as it did. And yes, there are times when I see someone lose patience with an older person without stopping to realize that there might already be embarrassment enough. I have a special dirty look that I save for people like that and it's not warm. Thanks again...Susan

  2. Susan, I love that you have a special dirty look...I need one of those.



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