Friday, April 5, 2013

Shopping with Grandchildren: Amelia Made a Difference

The way children use the English language is fascinating.  Remember, this is the language that calls the people that run our country a congress and also call a collection of baboons by the same name.  You can understand why it is a little confusing.

My granddaughters and I went shopping at Target yesterday.  I love their toy department. It makes me happy. Even when my husband and I are in the store without children, I will surf the toys just to see what is new. I always have my grandchildren in mind plus I like to tell you about what I think might be fun.

So, the girls and I walked the length of the store stopping in the aisle with girlie sheets and glancing at the shoes.  Eventually, we made our way to the toys. These girls are experienced shoppers but they are even a little in awe of the selection in our Target store.


Amelia on the move!
We surfed through the dolls and the Legos past the Barbie aisle and the Imaginex boxes. Then Amelia, the 5 year old, stopped dead in front of the Lite Brite box.  There was no doubt in her mind that she had found exactly what she wanted and could buy it with the money I had allotted for her on that day.  SCORE!  It was only a few seconds before her 9 year old sister picked up a remote control car and put it in the cart. I was a little surprised by her choice.  But I didn't ask any questions because I knew she wanted it...period. We were good to go.

When we got in the car to come home, Amelia made a wonderful observation about their choices.  Maddie, know what! I made a difference! Maddie was a little puzzled but went along with her little sister.  She had never heard the word difference used that way before. Amelia immediately explained what was on her mind. She knew what she was talking about. She knew it was special when she didn't pick out the very same thing as her big sister. She had made a choice on her very own.  It was a big moment in her life.

So, you see, Amelia does made a difference...she is a teacher and she taught us all that growing up can happen at any time...even when you are shopping in Target.


Note: The Lite Brite that Amelia picked out was packaged in a pink color especially for girls.  Do you think she would have chosen it if it had been red?  I wonder.

The remote control car Maddie chose was not wireless and a little less expensive than this.

I am adding both of these toys to my Amazon Store in the slide show in the right sidebar. They turned out to be a great success.Enhanced by Zemanta


  1. Cute ... I would like to have some grandchildren. (Note to my two kids: Are you listening?)

  2. They are wise beyond their years to know the value of being their own girl. I love that you observed this and reported back.

  3. Tom, I am sure your children are listening. But just in case maybe we could share our's with you!
    b+ :)

  4. Susan,

    These little children are a great source of joy (and laughter). But then grandchildren special in their grandparent's eyes. It is only natural.



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