Saturday, April 5, 2014

There's a Hummingbird in the Livingroom!

We are getting ready to return to Oregon. I am always torn between our two homes. Each has it's own charm and appeal. But I can tell you for sure, the hummingbirds do NOT come into the house in Oregon. Arizona however is another thing.

I have told you before that I am married to a Doctor Dolittle and that animals, birds and even lizards are okay having him very near. He talks to them as though he is one of them. Our cat, for example, thinks he hung the moon and looks at him with such adoration it melts my heart.

Our hummingbird feeder hangs near the place where we sit outdoors in the morning and evening. Each time a bird comes to feed my husband talks to them and encourages them to just relax and take a load off. See, a sitting hummingbird is not very common.

When a friend came in the house to share a glass of wine yesterday, she left the screen door open. We were visiting and evidently the bird heard my husband talking and laughing. It flew onto the porch and then into the living room. We ducked as it flew to a nearby window and we were thinking it would be wounded after fluttering behind the blinds. To our surprise it let my husband gather it up in his hands. He took it outside and we watched it flit away none the worse for the wear.

Doctor Doolittle with our
 baby granddaughter last summer
in Oregon.
I miss these creatures when we return to Oregon where we live in the city. Here we watch Vermillion Flycatchers, and red headed wrens, red birds and the ever present red capped woodpeckers. The doves are mating now and the coveys of Quail will be marching by anyday now.

The cat brought a blue bellied lizard in the house the other day. My husband caught it twice...the first time it just shed it's tail and ran away. The second time my husband left it's tail alone.

We have not been plagued by bees this winter at all. A couple of years ago a hive gathered in the cactus across the street and our workers killed them all...killer bees can be very nasty so no one takes any changes. Since then the bees have avoided us. It is really strange.

Coyote howl in the Pantano Wash located just across the street from us and rabbits feed in my friends secret garden.

We live in an RV Resort in east Tucson and even though we are close to all services we live up close and personal with the desert. I think we are very lucky. I, of course, am doubly blessed...I live with Doctor Dolittle!


Note: I do not call birds or animals by any scientific names so don't be alarmed at my lack of tagging skills. I prefer it that way. If I took it too seriously, it might not be as much fun to watch and learn.
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  1. This was such a lovely piece to read before I got my day started. Thank you. I love animals as well, but doubt if a bird would let me help them. I had to chuckle a bit about this sentence, - "Each time a bird comes to feed my husband talks to them and encourages them to just relax and take a load off."

    I was like - wow, a bird feeds your husband? but then I realized there was a comma missing....and no, I not a grammar way...but I certainly found that amusing...I was taking everything at face value.

    Enjoy the beautiful Arizona in the RV park. sounds like an adventure every single day! :-)



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