Friday, July 11, 2014

9 Steps to a Perfect Day with Grandma!

I know that no one is actually really interested in my grandchildren. There has to be more to the story they than "Aren't they just darling?" I suppose that it goes without saying. But planning a successful day of fun with little people can be tricky. I have been doing it for so long that I suppose I should share what I have learned. After a while it becomes easy as pie. A day like mine does not leave you exhausted and a basket case. Here are steps 1-9:
  1. Eat. At our house very visit starts with snow doesn't matter what time they come or if they have had breakfast. It is just a part of the routine and they love it.
  2. Play with toys...clean up toys (set the timer or something so they are motivated.)
  3. Talk a little.
  4. Draw and color. My grandchildren know where these supplies are kept. I give the oldest a clip board because he is the big boy. The others will get one as they grow up more. They draw and color and I stand with them a watch. I would not need to do that but it is just fun.
  5. Play outside We walk and in the summer they play in the dirt or the water. I sit and watch.
  6. Eat...again! It is time now for lunch or a snack.
  7. Read. If they are staying for naptime it is just a given that they need a book before they go done.
  8. Nap (for them and grandma too).
  9. Send them home...keep something like a piece of candy or a small treat to send them home with. Otherwise they will not want to go home...and you really don't want them to come and live at your house do you?

The dirt is the best of all. I picked up gloves and even
small trowels so they have their own stuff.
Last time they stayed for 4 hours. It was perfect. Being a grandparent is wonderful. The 2 best parts of the experience are when they arrive and then they go home. I'm just saying.



  1. Snow toast??? Please share. I had my 3 grands overnite and although it was fun, i was tired!! Lol
    Their favorite thing to do in the evening is to take a bath in our big tub. Then it is clean up time in the bathroom. Someday they wont want to come over as much, so I do try to enjoy them while they are here, but it is tiring sometimes.

    1. Snow Toast is simply delicious french toast with powdered sugar sifted over the top. Yum!

  2. Well, but your grandchildren are darling! Your grandchildren enjoy playing in dirt: mine always make their way immediately to the craft closet. I save boxes, oatmeal containers, paper towel rolls, bits of cloth or ribbon, etc. and add those to the craft supplies. They spend hours making "robots," masks, villages, collages, and many other items.

    1. I have a craft closet too. These little ones are not quite there yet. It won't be long now.

  3. I'm just saying the exact same thing. Love to pick them up, love to drop them off!


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