Friday, January 15, 2016

For the Love of Pete (Apple) and Trolls

Apple IMac(de)
Apple IMac(de) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We owned on of these back in the day...unfortunately
I did not name it. 
I am sitting in front of my new iMac computer, a modernized version of my old computer, needing to write but not filled with focused inspiration. Not that a lot of stuff isn't flying around in my head. What to write about is the dilemma.

Thought #1: Trolls
A string of bloggers in a midlife age group I belong to began talking yesterday about trolls on the Internet. You know, those are those humans that take pleasure from telling us how they REALLY feel...the Donald Trumps of the blogging world in a way. Of course everyone is appalled when they are attacked personally. One woman was called a very bad mother which does honestly go the heart of who and what a woman is.

Then an author of published books said she made lemonade. Isn't that wonderful? She said that when she received one of those reviews she made notes and used the information in her next book. It was one of the ways she created evil fictional characters.

Thought #2: Apple Computer
But back to my new computer - I have decided to name him Pete (Apple) hence the title For the Love of Pete. We tend to feel that inanimate object have a life in our family. My son has a barbecue named Gary after the wonderful Gary Player of golfing fame. We have named cars, mixers and cats; lots of cats.

Cats aren't inanimate but I just thought I would mention them.

Of all the names floating around out there, I think Pete (Apple) fits my brand of computer the best. I don't think Pete is a perfect name nor is a perfect computer even possible. I did buy the extended warranty. Even though he is an iMac and I am convinced the Apple still puts out the easiest computer to operate, I am not unaware that even a perfect Pete can give me problems.

Pete is slim and so wonderfully new looking. I can't smell the newness but that is okay. Just looking at him makes me happy.

2016: Will it be all about the election? Maybe
So, now that Pete (Apple) is bought and paid for, I may begin to write more fiction. I see things online that make me want to create characters that I can dispose of with the delete button on the keyboard. After all, it is an election year.

A new computer and new ideas...this is shaping up to be a very interesting 2016. I like that.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. Congratulations on your new iMac Barb. Yeah, I too am convinced that Apple stuff is the easiest to use. I am a full on Mac guy (iMac, iPhone, iPad Pro, iPad mini. But I don't name them, maybe I should.

    I am looking forward to read some of your fiction. I'm sure it will be better than reality as almost anything would now days (ha).

    1. Well I will tell you that reality, even though it may not be pretty, is the most interesting stuff around. It is hard to write fiction without living in the REAL world.

      Have a wonderful day RJ


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