Thursday, March 17, 2016

After All...What are Bucket Lists For?

You know that I am on Facebook...not a lot but I am definitely lurking around in the shadows. I like to keep it that way. I don't like stalkers.

Even though about the only thing I post are stories from this blog and those things that are related, I am always surprised when people I don't think are watching me are.

Take this last week when my daughter had a retirement party to end all retirement parties. I had a video taken of me drinking a shot of straight tequila and it was put up on Facebook by a son. Up to today it has been watched 325 times. Yikes!

The thing about pictures and words is that they never really tell the WHOLE story. Usually there is a lot more to be said that cannot be captured in a Facebook post.

Like everyone one these day I have a pseudo-bucket list. It is not a conscious thing. But, it seems that there are things I have always wanted to do but didn't think it was lady like or appropriate. One of those thing was drinking a shot of tequila in the correct way. Shot-salt-a slice of lime in public for everyone to see.

I let my wish slip to my son who was standing beside me watching my daughter's friends toast her retirement with a shot. When a granddaughter asked me why I didn't do it I told her I didn't want to wobble walking home.

Then I looked son was pouring the tequila in a shot glass for me. He simply said that it was okay for me to drink a was not like I was getting a tattoo or anything!

The rest is history. The shot glass was only half full but the experience and the reaction from friends and family filled me to the brim.

The lesson here is that most things we want to do that are a little outrageous are not as permanent as getting a tattoo and probably a whole lot more fun. And after all, isn't that what bucket lists are for?


What is on your bucket list that you are almost afraid to tell anyone about?


  1. I'm glad that the retirement party was a blast...and I am especially glad that you had the tequila shot! I am off to prepare my bucket list now.

  2. Cross one off your bucket list and the world is your witness now.

    1. It certainly is and I am a better woman for taking the dare. :)

  3. A shot of tequila on your bucket list? Dream a little bigger Barb. :)

    I am taking one of my list in a couple weeks and going to Disney World. We were there for 1/2 day fourteen years ago but haven't managed to convince my wife to return until now. She says Disney World is not for old folks, I hope to prove her wrong soon. We will be there for five days so will manage to see all the parks. That is if my hips/knees/back and about everything else hold out (ha).

    1. RJ,

      Never fear, my dreams are very big. But it is the little stuff that gives me the most pleasure. Isn't that interesting?

  4. Replies
    1. I think so...mine make me laugh! I try to return the favor.

  5. I enjoyed this! What fun. Good for you for taking the plunge and doing something that you'd never dare do before. Our children love to catch us being "bad" when they can because they don't think we will ever do such things. You showed them.

    1. Sally, it can go two ways....either they celebrate our quirky behavior or they put us in the home. We will see how I turn out later.


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