Sunday, July 10, 2016

Searching for a Better Weatherman

I figured out that finding the right weatherman/woman is very important right after my husband and I retired. I know I have told you before but in case you missed it, my husband is my go to news and weather forcast source and I have to make sure that he is looking in the right place for the weather report. I edit his news reports by simply not listening to all that bad stuff. Otherwise my whole day may be ruined.

The flowers love the not so much!
For the 2 past summers we have sweltered in heat here in the northwest USA. It was as though we had been plopped down in a subtropical climate somewhere else. Things grew like crazy, the air conditioner ran night and day and drought was a dreadful likelihood on the horizon. For some reason, I expected that to happen again this year.

But no...not at all. When things were normal (whatever that is) we would get warm weather after the 4th of July. It does not look good for us this year. Those of us that love the sun are in a pickle. This is where a very good weatherman comes in.

With the news, we know everything immediately. With the weather we know everything...10 days in advance.  I prefer not to know but if I do I want it to be fed to me in a nice little package of positive thinking.

If it is going to be cloudy I want to hear that the sun will shine, even if it is only for 15 minutes in the afternoon. If it is going to rain again, I want to hear that it will be dry for the most part of the day.

So, I am on the prowl. A new summer weatherman is need around here.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. One of my daughter's first comments after she got divorced was that she never got a weather report from her ex anymore. She said she really didn't pay that much attention to them until they stopped coming. Luckily she has her iphone if she really needs to know. But I am like you - put the focus on the good part. Yes, we will have rain today but then a week of sunshine.

    1. So very true...the class is always half full...always!

  2. I promise you plenty of sun breaks for the upcoming week. They will happen while you're inside. :-)

    1. Oh are probably right. But, I have lots of windows so it doesn't matter.

  3. One of our local radio personalities would say: never mind the forecast; don't be afraid to look out your window and check out the weather for yourself! I know people who refrain from activities because of the forecast; the 60% chance of rain doesn't materialize but they've stayed indoors in anticipation of "bad" weather, like not mailing the letter for 3 wks in anticipation of the postal strike that hasn't come to fruition. Weather forecasts can impact planning but I worry about the inaction and lost opportunities that can result. When it's raining and the earth is getting a drink, I can do the inside activities that I've been putting off while I'm outside in the weather that is palatable to me. Is it a question of flexibility and adaptability?

  4. absolutely! It truly is...but in this case it is about looking at the positive in spite of whatever happens. Never do nothing because it is raining either for real or just in you heart!


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