Sunday, March 5, 2017

I Needed a Little Laughter in My Life

I live in 55+ resort in the winter. The park is large but not so large that we don't know each other and a lot about each other. If you want have a secret you cannot leave your house.

So once a year we get together and put on a show. A group of friends get up on the stage and sing, lip sync, tell jokes etc. so the rest of us can laugh at them. It is one occasion during the year when our auditorium fills up with standing room only. My husband and I bought two of the last three tickets. We were very lucky.

I did not realize how much I needed a really good laugh. We have some very big talent in the park but it is not that so much as the willingness of people to put their dignity on the line for our pleasure that brings everyone back.

The queen of the lip sync turns 80 today. She can bring any vocal to life. I don't know how she does it. We love her performance a lot. We also loved the guy in the background lip syncing with her song, I am a Natural Woman. I needed to be there but still....

As we were leaving the auditorium I stood talking to a younger woman. She smiled at me and said It is so good to have a really good laugh isn't it?

That was when it hit me that we have stopped laughing as much as we used to. That is not good. So, I challenge you to find a story or picture that is funny to post on Facebook or Twitter. We all need a really good laugh and you can make a difference. Post them to me @retireNstyleblog on Facebook or @barbblogtwits on twitter.

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I am blessed with kids and grandkids that make me laugh. At least now! Can't say that the kids kept me laughing all the time when they were going up. But your point is well taken. Kids laugh many more times a day than adults. We've forgotten how. Your post is a good reminder.

    1. I miss my grandchildren's humor when I am here in the desert. They do make me laugh! Have a wonderful day Galen Pearl.

  2. You are so true and I can't honestly remember when it was the last time that I had a really good laugh...or a really good cry either. Thanks for this post - think I'll watch a few episodes of "I Love Lucy' this week!

    1. Wow, that is a very very good idea. Slapstick comedy is just the perfect antidote for a "no laugh" week. :)

  3. Yesterday I took my three year old grandson to the park. He "talked" a bit, and then broke in a big laugh. "Nana, that was a funny joke." We laughed together, him at his joke and me at his joy!

    1. Emerging humor is the very best! I wish I could have heard him...I am sure his joke was a real knee slapper. :)


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