Thursday, September 5, 2019

Drinking Games and Old Dogs...Perfect

This years theme: LUAU
Every year my husband and I are invited to spend some time with some very special women...the ones that are interesting, fun and above all, true to each other. Their children/their spouses/boyfriends, parents and now, grandchildren join in the camping weekend. Games and old dogs fill the three days over Labor Day each year.

Susie and Dewey own a meadow and their son, Lee and his wife Christine put on a party for us...well with a lot of food and help from friends...but still they orchestrate drinking games (croquet this year), set up corn hole boards (holes were lit this year) and see that there is an outhouse for everyone to use.

Tents appear all over the meadow and a beautiful fire drum remains lit all day. The creek that runs through the property provides a play space for the dogs and their people.

If it is not perfect I don't know what is.

At sometime during our one day there I will have a little time with each of my daughter's friends. We laugh, commiserate and, above all, love our time together.

I am not a Bunko Girl like the rest. I am a grandmother/great-grandmother that just happens to be a part of the lives of these people. It is one of the great loves of my life only surpassed by the love for my family. Life is good!

2017: The year of the total eclipse in Lee and Kristines meadow
in the Cascades.
2018 in the meadow near the Huckleberry Inn in the Coast Range.

On the right is True to the Core Kristine sitting next to her son's girlfriend.
A friends on the left sits next to Sweet Jill

Kathy's old dog!

Old/New frisky pup!

Old Moose Hound, granddaughter Elena's dog.

Newly graduated nurse Katie (Kristine and Lee's daughter) and her boyfriend
The famous croquet drinking game!

Cribbage tournament! r-l Joann, Sean, Dan, Charlie, Bret

Old dog that dives in the beautiful creek!
So how was your labor day weekend?



  1. It's just great to get together with old friends, no matter where you are, isn't it? And it helps if there are dogs around!

  2. You should have seen them trying to play "red neck boccee" in the meadow. The old dogs made it very hard to win. :)

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