Friday, April 24, 2020

Living in LALA Land with My Head in the Sand!

April 24, 2020
Arizona is in bloom. Temp. 100 on Sunday
Tucson, AZ

Dear Family and Friends,

We are OK. How about you?

It is the year of the Rat in China (is that right?) and things are a little different than they were last year. Social interaction has been reduced to visits to the grocery store (which we get very excited about). The price of gas is below $2.00 and there is still no bleach or even toilet paper at our local grocery. Don't even think about rubbing alcohol. Flour, peanut butter and milk disappeared for a while. Well not everything is different. Beer is still flying off the shelves. But on the whole, yes is different.

We had planned a trip to China in March but we cancelled that and our children came to us instead. In fact, this would be the perfect time to own a dog or cat because we are not going anyplace for a while.

Did I mention that we are in Tucson still? Well yes we are. We had delayed for reasons I cannot even remember. We decided to stay later back in the year of March or was that February? We normally leave in late April. Then we tried to decide how we could get back to Oregon so as to avoid...well you know!

Living in LALA land is a wonderful, dreamy place to be. You can travel and stay in beautiful hotels and eat out. The sun always shines and the view is perfect. I think you know what I mean. It is so lovely. That is where I live so you can trust me on this.

Once in a while I hear my husband's voice calling me back but mostly I just ignore him.

But in my sleep...that is a different story all together.

Let me back track just a little...we had toyed with the idea of driving one of our cars home. It did sound like so much fun when it came out of MY mouth. I talked about it endlessly making up good reasons. We could take some plants with us. We could haul a few things back to Oregon that we don't need in Arizona and on and on and on. In my head it sounded so wonderful.

Then last my sleep...I saw an image of what that trip was going to look like and it didn't look so wonderful after all. First of all everyone that is in charge says not to take your car out to travel. I could see that rest stops would be locked and the service station rest rooms would be key, just closed. I am good but I cannot hold it all the way to Oregon and going beside the road...well it would not be pretty! And sleeping in a hotel...yuck!

Then there was that eating business...McDonalds for breakfast/lunch/dinner didn't sound nearly as good to me as it could have.

My head came flying out of the sand...reality set it...I could not sleep.

My husband ordered our airline tickets this morning...we will be in Oregon on May 12 in case anyone is interested.

Hope you day if full of fun today...wish us luck.



  1. Replies
    1. thank you...we will be the ones in the black masks in case you are looking. :)

  2. As my mother used to say, "Needs must!"
    Have a safe trip and STAY HEALTHY!

    1. Your mother was a very wise woman...we do what we must. We laugh a lot and try not to worry. Take care.


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