Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wandering in Portland, Oregon

Hawthorne District, Portland, Oregon

Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza."
-Dave Barry

The Neighbor loves exploring. She and her husband spend a lot of time traveling and love the adventure. She will have to admit though, that Portland has some of the best little neighborhoods in the world.

I followed her advise yesterday when my daughter and I had lunch in the Hawthorne District on the east side of the river. Believe it or not, I had never been there. We love brew pubs. I love shopping. How could we have missed this place?

After a sandwich at the Baghdad Theater, we moved west on the street to a little shop called EIGHT WOMEN. This little shop has a wonderful collection of hand made baby clothes designed by the owner as well as mothers comfort items...night gowns, etc. When I asked the owner why "Eight Women" she said it was a joke...she actually did the work of eight @##&*%^ women. I think we can all relate. The Portland Guide web site had this to say:
The Boulevard is lined with locally-owned coffee shops, antique stores, cafes, and trendy clothing shops, many with a bohemian flavor reminiscent of the 70's. Popular restaurants on Hawthorne include Cup and Saucer Café which serves up vegetarian and organic fare, and The Daily Grind, a natural foods store with an amazing bakery. Ink and Bread, a bistro with and northwest-influenced food and wonderfully rich desserts is also known for its ample Sunday Yiddish brunches.

Then Friday evening my family gathered over on N. Russell off of
N. Interstate Avenue in the Lloyd District at a little restaurant named Mint and 820. This little place is one of the businesses that Dine503 features. You can buy $40 worth of dining for $25. You are allowed two of these per table and you much buy two entrees per coupon.

The food was sensational, the service was wonderful and, even though we stayed at our table from before 6 pm until almost 9 pm, we never felt rushed. I recommend it highly. Just don't be in a rush for drinks!!!! The bar is very, very popular and sometimes it take a few minutes for the drinks to appear. (Go to a fast food restaurant if you are in a hurry!)

Across the street is a wonderful little wine shop called McGinn's Russell Street Wine Merchants. The owner carries a wonderful collections of wines and has an island in the middle of the room with good wines for around $10 and many for a lot less. I bought 6 bottles and will share with The Neighbor soon. She has such great ideas and I am grateful!

In this same neighborhood you will find a McMenamins pub and hotel, The Gasthaus Pub run by Widmer Brewing Company.

So, while we all love being at home, a trip out once in a while reveals a wonderful new face to the metropolitan area we live in. Go for a drive. Look around. Just do it!!!


  1. McGinn's Russell Street WineJuly 29, 2007 at 10:48 AM

    Hi Barbara,

    I don’t know if my husband Jerry has had a chance to respond to your email or not. I’m in today doing some book work and saw it. Being a family owned wine shop, it’s not always easy to keep our name out there, so we very much appreciate your favorable mention of us in your blog. I’m also glad you liked his recommendation. He’s really good at finding good tasting affordable wines and loves to pass it on. Hope you get a chance to stop in again.

    Thanks again,


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