Friday, August 24, 2007

"My Wonderful .mac Account" plus information on internet scam

Note of caution:

My husband and I received an email from a credit union in Arizona asking for private information. After checking with the credit union we found out it was a scam!!! Be very careful about what you open and what you respond to. There is probably not a free computer out there and certainly credit unions do not operate over the Internet!

Do you have a back up account somewhere on the web that keeps all your precious information safe? I happen to have a .mac account and pay a fee to keep it on a yearly basis. But up until yesterday, I did not actually understand how it worked or even if it was worth it.

Then my computer went on a binge of misbehavior that sent me into a fit of useless computer work. It would not let me write or move and would not accept my password. All I could see was a screen full of pixels. I broke out in a sweat and imagined a computer gone forever and maybe, no new one replacing it. I was fit to be tied.

We did actually have to reformat the whole thing. It was two days of no computer and I was having withdrawal problems!

Then, while I was gone this morning, my husband finally got it back up and running, sans address book, keychain, calendar and on and on. That was when it occurred to me to go to my .mac account and sync everything to my computer, bringing back all those things that had been going the other way for quite a while. Back came my address book and everything else it allows me to store.

I will be keeping that account!!!!

I just thought you would want to know.


*Note: For those of you that read my blog yesterday before I could get it edited, please forgive the way it looked. All I could think to do was publish and correct later. Thanks for staying with me.

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