Saturday, August 25, 2007

A condo association board Haiku!

Board judgement clouded.
Wisdom is the sun through clouds-
The sun warms us all.

by the neighbor

I love the idea of haiku although I have not perfected the art. It seems that saying a few word with a huge impact can be liberating and poignant.

We have had so many discussions on this blog about CC&R's and how the "Interpretation" of them play out in the real world. One of The Neighbors shares our disappointment in the very nature and tone of our boards attitude of control. We all would like to see a board that encourages people to make their places look like home. We would like to hear them say, "Use your deck, put in one one rose bush you can call your own, put pots on your patio on the corner units and make our "homes look beautiful". Be careful where you place things so people won't fall and don't make a mess. But people can fall over door mats, cracks in sidewalks, door jams and stairs!!! That is why we have insurance folks.

Please don't see things "through clouds" Let the sunshine in..."it warms us all."


*afterthought: Dear board, If you have a problem with ONE unit please talk to those people. Don't make us all suffer. It doesn't work in the classroom and it doesn't work in real life!!!

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