Wednesday, December 30, 2009

From Crone and Bear It...Why write a new post? She said it perfectly!!!

This is a wonderful blog from Crone and Bear It...a Old Decade worth of thoughts. So I am posting a sign that says:


A New Decade Looms…Can We Stop Being Hyphenated-Americans?

Having said all I really want to say about the past, let’s leap ahead to the future.  After all, we are entering into a new decade.  Does anyone know what we call this one?  The Tens?  The Teens?  Did we ever figure out what to call the first years of the century…the Naughts, the 00’s?  Year naming is confusing.  I can look back and recall something that happened in  ‘76 and just saying that word…Seventy-Six…doesn’t sound odd.  But in a few years we’ll look back and refer to something that happened in ‘10 and I’m telling you it’s gonna sound funny to refer to the year ‘ more.

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  1. Holey Moley - I thought you were just kidding when you came to my humble blog and said you were posting a sign What She Said! I'm not often speechless but this is one of those times. Thank you. :)


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