Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Living with a mobility issue...Honda U3X People Mover

Honda U3-X
Honda has come out with a spectacular new people mover called Honda U3-XThis device, so far as I can see, is the compact version of a Segway.   When Segway came out with the transportation device several years ago, it was a wonderful breakthrough for moving people from one spot to the next while going up stairs and over rough terrain without fear of falling.  This device has been adapted for golfing and even out door excursions.

The Honda device has overcome the bulk of the Segway and brought it to smaller spaces indoors as well as outdoors with style and beauty.  On their media page they had this to say:
"The race toward sustainable mobility is moving car companies in odd and unexpected directions. For example, Honda today unveiled the U3-X, a compact electric personal mobility device that fits between the rider’s legs to provide movement forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally." (I loved the side-to-side part)
When you watch the You Tube video you can get a much better image of what the device can really do.  I was very impressed.  One cannot help but think that this device may have applications for older people in their homes.  A commenter on the You Tube website said, "The good thing about this is it's compactness and usability. It could also be used by people who have lost their legs to IEDs, or to complement if not completely replace prosthetics"  I had to agree. 


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  1. Barbara, that is so cool! I hope it it gets to the people that actually need it to make their life more mobile.


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