Thursday, April 22, 2010

Living Outdoors...Tucson Happy Hours!

Here in Tucson April is the best month of the whole winter season.  We simply move almost everything outdoors and revel in the joy of it all.
Our life revolves around our neighbors and friends when we head south in the fall.  The park fills to the brim while we dance, play and read.  Then, about April 1st the exodus begins and we are left with just a select few hardy souls.  This group seems to be getting much younger and a lot more active.  The pickle ball courts and the tennis courts are busy.  People bicycle past continually and those few remaining neighbors visit in the middle of the street and drop in to see each other.  Our lives become more focused.  We simply love it.
Montana Avenue Decor (very similar to Tucson Restaurant)
Old Pueblo Grill patio!

This week we have enjoyed Happy Hour at a place called Montana Avenue on Grant here in East Tucson.  The outdoor patio is very nice plus I love the decorating shop next door.  We have entertained outdoors and sunned early in the morning on what we call our Secret Garden Patio...situated beside the street in plain view of everyone that walks by.  I know, we are a little nuts.  But our table and umbrella give the feel of a garden even though the location is a little wonky.  I have moved most of the potted plants around to this side of the park model so it is very colorful.
Last week we drove over to the Old Pueblo Grill near Randolph Golf Course on Alvernon where we ate outside on their beautiful patio.  The setting was lovely and the air was warm.  (My shrimp was overdone but their Mac and Cheese is some of the best in town.)
Bamboo Club Asian Bistro
This evening my husband and I drove over to the Park Mall on Broadway where we enjoyed happy hour at the Bamboo Club.  They have a lovely outdoor patio that is protected from the breeze and sun.  It is cold today so we chose to sit indoors.  The food there was excellent.  We ordered drinks, coconut shrimp, crisp green beans and pot stickers.  We were both very full.  Cost?  $25.00.  The restaurant is beautiful and has been in the same location for many years so they are well established and the operation runs very smoothly.  I think it might be one of my favorites this year.   
Next week we will close the park model up and go back to Oregon.  Insulation will go in the windows; food will all be eaten or put in a safe place.  We will leave the bed clean and wash all the towels so when we return in the fall we can return to our second home and feel comfortable immediately.  Living in Style can be lots of fun!

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