Sunday, May 2, 2010

Travel Quiz...Am I tired, drunk or am I in ?????

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     We have traveled up the road from Arizona to Oregon and back again so many times I have lost count.  It is almost like getting and up in the morning every day of my life.  You would think that we would become bored with the both cases.  Yet we don't.
     Today I have a little quiz for you.  We have been in five state within the last 4 days...Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Idaho.  We stayed overnight in the three difference towns...Wickenburg, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Ogden, UT.   Let me give you a little guessing game and see if you can guess which state we were in:
  1. We drove so long we could not get into the restaurant across the street from the motel. When we get that tired we get silly.  When the restaurant owner let us in after we tapped on the window and begged to be fed, he thought we were silly and if you were silly then you must be drunk.  What state were we in?
  2. We arrived in town after 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the little store we like to visit was closed.  What town were we in?
  3. We stopped at a gas station to buy fuel, a human pumped our gas AND the fuel was cheaper than anywhere on our trip.  What state were we in?
  1. The little community is called Wickenburg.  This sleepy little town is a perfect tourist stop with a museum, abandoned mine and golf course. 
  2. We were in Utah where alcohol has only been legal for a few years.  I suppose after we ordered craft beers he just made the leap from very tired to drunk.  He was a nice man and we thanked his sister as we left the establishment.  Our behavior probably was a little wonky but even sober people have lots of fun!
  3. We were in Oregon where voters continue to reject bills that allow self-serve gasoline.  We have figured out that if we were to give up this service, the price of gas would NOT go down.  
           Have a wonderful day.  Tomorrow the pictures of the Hoover Dam Bypass project.  It is very exciting!!!


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