Saturday, May 8, 2010

PREVENT FATAL FIRES...I discovered candlelight without danger!

This article in the Oregonian got my attention yesterday.  The headline read, "Deadly fire...." and told about an accident at a assisted living facility in Tigard, OR during the month of December.  It began...
Death is no stranger to assisted living facilities.
Susan K. Friedrich died Dec. 21 after suffering second- and third-degree burns to nearly half her body. Caregivers at the Park Place assisted living facility in Tigard allowed a lit candle on Friedrich's coffee table next to her recliner, even though Friedrich's health issues rendered her immobile....The evening of Dec. 20 was peaceful at Park Place. Friedrich, as was her custom, bedded down in her recliner in front of the television. Someone, it's not clear who, lit a candle on the coffee table....It was a Christmas candle and Friedrich liked the Christmas tree smell. Oregon Live
     I could only think Old people like beautiful things too So when the lady living in a Sunset Management Company assisted living facility here in the Portland Metro area asked to have a scented candle lit beside her chair, I could almost understand why the aid granted her wish.  After a word of caution about extinguishing the candle, the aid left.  A few hours later the candle ignited the room and Susan K Friedrich had been fatally injured because a scented candle was left unattended.  What a terrible shame.
MY SCENTSY WARMER Full-Size Scentsy Warmers make a statement in any room. With so many styles, colors and finishes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect accent to complement your decorating style. One could be the inspiration for your next room makeover!
Plug-in Warmer
      After looking at and trying several different types of scented candle solution that could be used safely,  I have come to love one product in particular.  It is a pottery light put out by a company called Sentsy.   These beautiful scented wax warmers are a lovely additions to any decor.  The containers are lit from within with a 25 watt light bulb and the cord has an easy switch to turn the light on/off.  A  dish designed to hold  the wax is placed over the opening on the top of the light.  The plug-in model has a small indentation in the top where the wax can be added and it runs on a regular night light bulb. There is a switch on the front of this plug-in light. You just put a small piece of the scented wax in the dish, turn on the light and the wax melts slowly as a lovely aroma fills the room. 
The website states that the Scentsy Bars (wax) are specially designed wickless candles, perfectly suited for all Scentsy Warmers. With convenient break-apart sections, you can divide one bar into different warmers or mix and match scents.    When you are ready to turn the light off, you just flip the switch and the wax solidifies again for reuse at a later time.  The wax lasts a very long time.  The scents range from floral to sea breeze...some are stronger and some are very light.  They can even be combined to create the scent that you prefer.  My personal favorite is this month's scent call Clarify.
     I own two of their is a beautiful ceramic piece that sits on my mantle and the other is a plug-in that I move from room to room. They have even come out with warmers and scents for men.  Not only are they good at home or in assisted living facilities but I think they would be wonderful in veterinary clinics, offices, coffee rooms, real estate open houses or even that smelly bathroom at work.  And what about gas stations? Don't you think they should put them in their bathrooms.  YUCK!
     I do not sell these but boy am I good customer.  My consultant, Mary Grace (click to visit her website), went into business this winter...right after her 70th birthday.  She has had wonderful success selling to the snow birds in her RV Resort.  These people want the joy of candles without the mess or danger.  She sells on her website and is at home in Great Falls, MT now where she will be holding open houses throughout the summer.  You can find more information on her website if you live in the area.
     Can you imagine...beautiful AND safe!  What a perfect combination.
     I just thought you would want to know.


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