Saturday, September 4, 2010

Retired Snow Bird Migration: Planning a Vacation ...on the way to another vacation!

The Snow Birds (retired boomers) are beginning to be restless.  A few fly south early, wanting to get in that extra bit of sun.  Many have been stuck in the snow in early October and learned the lessons taught by Mother Nature.  The cautious travelers along with those that love the second home as much as the first leave early. Migration and talk of migration fills the hearts and minds of America's retired population.

Down Town Palm Spring
Every year I marvel at the similarity of the migration of those beautiful snow geese that fly in lovely V's over head and humans following their example.  I have learned that many people are RUT followers and travel down the same road and stay in the same motel each and every year.  I think birds must do this very thing.  Restlessness drives their flight and the shortest distance between two points is their goal.  Then there are Snow Birds that take a vacation on their way to their vacation both going and coming.  I smile at the thought....that is what we do.  Those straggling birds that leave with the flock for Mexico and end up in Florida must  love a vacation too!

I cannot explain to those that don't see the wonder of the road.  They just disdain more vacation.  Too costly, no enough time, my wife's back hurts...and the list goes on and on!  All I can think is what a shame.


We have a timeshare and can get bonus time (i.e. overnight lodging in a condo at about $40 per night) during the shoulder of the season.  Because we invested in this type of ownership, we have been able to travel and stay in beautiful accommodations owned by our timeshare company. We travel with a laptop computer so we can take advantage of those online coupons and golf deal.  We have learned to travel in luxury but do it on our terms.
This year I am dreaming of a short visit to the wine country of the Napa Valley and maybe a trip down the coast of California.  

Sedona, Arizona...another dream location on the way!
I would like to stay in Windsor, California for a couple of days and then go south through San Francisco and stay in one of our timeshare locations just outside of China Town.  We could then travel south to Pismo Beach north of Los Angeles and spend a day or two in that part of California.  We have never been there.  Our next stop would be in the Palm Springs area where we can choose from two locations...or just take the one that is open.
We might play golf while we are there...why not if we can get a good price on golf.  Fall is perfect for people that love to play luxury courses but don't want to pay the inflated price courses charge during high season.   This is the time of year when golf courses in Southern California and Arizona over seed their courses.  Putting greens are not wonderful but the beauty of the green courses make up for that.
Friends in the RV Resor
The Ocean calls our name....
So what do you think?  Don't you think this sounds like fun?  I have always wondered if those geese stirring about practicing for the journey south when they go from one corn field to the next, dream of warm swamp land in the south.  Do they dream of the stopping points like the one outside Burns, Oregon where birds numbering in the thousands linger every year resting and feeding?  Is that their idea of a stop in wine country?  I somehow think it is.

Have a wonderful day.  I'll see you in the sun later.



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  1. I love to travel! As soon as I retire in June, we'll be spending half the year in our fifth-wheel camper in Maine and the other half in our retirement stilt house in Florida. We also want to take trips and are planning to fly out west and rent a Harley and go all the way up or down the coast. Can't wait!


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