Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A fabulous Apartment Therapy idea yet!

...from apartment therapy!  That is a phrase I use frequently.  There is a good, absolutely sound reason why!  Apartment Therapy is a website written and followed by some very creative people.  The ideas they come up with just blow me away.  And yesterday, when I checked the latest email notice from them, I found a whopper of an idea for people that live in small spaces.

iphoto book making application!
It is called "faux-llections"...the idea being that although we love to shop for beautiful things where ever we are, we cannot possible buy all those beautiful things and live in our small place at the same time.  This is how Apartment Therapy put it:
 What's a Faux-llection? Well a faux collection of course! What's a faux collection? Well we're glad you asked! It's the easiest way to collect awesome items without filling your home with "stuff and things."
Physical space will not allow us to gather up "stuff" willy-nilly.  So what can we do?   They suggest that you click pictures when you are out window shopping or "just looking".  Then after you have a collection of the most beautiful things in the world...on your camera... you can publish your own coffee table book.  Of course the better your camera the better your book.  It just stands to reason.

Cover Picture? (Las Vegas)
After you down load and edit your pictures all you PC users can sign up with a website like Blurb.  By searching for self publishing photo books on the google search function in my sidebar you will find that there is more than one place you can go.   If you are a Apple user, Blurb probably will not work for you.  All you need to do is go to your iphoto application, create your little book and order it from Apple.  I have even created these and printed them on my printer. 

Mexican market...better in a picture than in real life!
Your collection of items in photograph form can go on your coffee table for you and your friends to enjoy.   Put that nicknack duster away and create a book...wouldn't that be fun!


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