Thursday, September 9, 2010


I have been seeing this commercial over and over and over.  You know the one where the people are going down the road in the RV.  Mom is up walking around popping corn and the kids are sitting at the table playing a video game.  When the corn is done,  POP gets up and walks back to have a taste...leaving the steering wheel unattended!

My Motor Home...I know what I'm talking about!
That part is so obviously one but an idiot would ever leave the steering wheel!  But the part about everyone wandering around the motor home as it drives down the road...that is one very dangerous thing to do.  DO NOT EVER GET UP AND WANDER AROUND IN A MOTOR HOME WHILE IT IS GOING DOWN THE ROAD....EVER!!!!  In fact do not carry more people than you have seat belts for.  If the driver has to slow down unexpectedly even a little bit,  you become a flying missile and your last stop will be in heaven or at the very least the hospital.

Do the math folks!

If a motor home is driving down the road at 60 mph and must stop for a deer in the road, how long will it take you travel from the bathroom to the dash board?  Let me know when you have the answer now.  Because if this ever happens to you, you will not be alive to visit with me!

Just a thought.


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