Friday, September 10, 2010

Company is Coming...updating the little home!

Guest Bedroom re-furnished!
We are going to have company!  Yikes...!  For the first time in three years we have a second bedroom with a bed in it.  So I invited people to come visit and they accepted!  Now boys and girls we need to get ready.

Old Pendleton Blanket on back of chair!
My husband and I sit around in our condo comfortably with a laptop computer on one ottoman and our feet up on another.  Did I mention that they are mismatched?  The 8 inch space under the TV has been needing something for I don't know how long....9 years?  I finally stuffed my magazine collection in there.  sigh!  I have a blanket over the back of every chair because I like my Pendleton blankets and they are very warm when you need to get rid of the chill without turning on the heat!  (Company or no company they are staying where they are.)

The question here I fix everything just for show or do I let people see how I REALLY LIVE?  If I had time I would take a poll and do what you said.  But since I don't, I have decided to clean my act up.  I see this as the perfect opportunity for us to get some projects done.  It is like we are putting the house up for sale but we don't have to move.  That is a good thing I think.


We went shopping for lamps and lampshades because we were huddled under two lamps that gave off bad light in an attempt to read in the evenings.  Failing eyesight is something most aging people deal with.  I started at Target.  We found a great photographers tripod lamp and a linen shade that looked just perfect.  Boy do I love Target!

Silk shade from Lowes
Then we moved on to Lowes where we bought a silk lampshade that we added to an old floor lamp we already had but was stored away.  I  considered painting this lamp an espresso color but reconsidered after we got the shade home.
Pot light converter kit!

We also bought a pot light converter kit and a shade glazed with nickle.  It fits in the kitchen perfectly.

Wreath + Star...bought separately!
White enamel spray paint was purchased for a wreath stored in the basement. After the paint job it was paired  with a tin star covered with decorative paper I found in a paper shop in Sumner, WA.  The star was a display item and owner was willing to part with it for the cost of the materials it took to make it.   We both loved this hung over the bed.

Pottery Barn had pillow covers on sale so I bought two for my wing back chairs.  They it beautifully with the other colors in the room.


I mentioned that didn't I?  There is no way what we would have gotten all these things done in a few days if that were not so.  Now I will make the grocery list, do a little cooking and wait for the day to come. 

Have a wonderful day!


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