Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exercise...or where did I put my glasses?

Just me!  b
I really cannot walk or talk or even find my glasses without having my glasses on.  You can see my problem here.  When I plan my day I set aside a certain amount of time for searches...most of them for my glassesNormally my glasses are on my bedside table but there are those occasions when I take a nap in another room or take them off to rub my eyes or just take them off like I take my shoes off.  I look for my shoes a lot too.

We live in a house with stairs and three levels.  Our ceilings are at the least 12' with one room reaching much more than that.  You see where I  am going with this?  The journey from this level to that requires a little effort.  Now let me add my memory into the mix.  If I arrived at the top level and actually remembered what I went up there for, it would not be so bad.  But you know how it goes:
Me:  Do you know where I put my reading glasses?
Husband:  The last time I saw them they were in the upstairs bathroom
Me:  Oh, thank you. 
(Trudge spryly up the stairs...all three levels!)
Did I forget to make the bed this morning?  (make the bed)
(Trudge back downstairs...all three levels.  Sit in chair, realize I forgot my glasses)
(Trudge less spryly back upstairs...all three levels.  Notice washers just finished spinning.  Put wash in the dryer.  Wipe down washer. Set up the ironing board for later.)
(Trudge back downstairs...all three levels."
  *&^%)# [grandma cussing] 
Trudge SLOWLY back upstairs.  Lay down on the bed, notice glasses on bedside stand.  Go to sleep.)
I am of the opinions that a membership at LA Fitness would not do me much good...they would be so impressed with my stamina and strength they would send me home.  They would say, "My but you are in good shape for a woman of your age (Sheesh...they are such young whipper snappers!)."   I would go home and tell my husband to cancel the membership...I have an exercise program that works just fine and doesn't cost a penny!


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  1. If you can still move around your house without your glasses, there is still hope for you. Whereas I cannot arise from my bed or the couch without my glasses, LOL. (Although I have gone into the shower and also lost them in the bathrom...hehe)


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