Friday, October 8, 2010

Humor in the Burbs! THE BURGLAR

Note:  I joined a group the other day called Studio Thirty + Plus.  The site welcomes people over thirty so I thought I would join...because obviously I am...over thirty that is.  There was a day long ago and far away when being over thirty meant you were mature enough to be views as "the enemy" because they were grown up at that age.  Hippies slept in parks and among the tree.  Those of us that turned thirty were more than glad to claim to be grown up. No sleeping on the ground with a bunch of other dippy people for me, thank you.  Besides, once you turn thirty there is no going back.  You may as well embrace your "thirtyness".

This is a group of  some very funny bloggers...there is nothing quite like a mom trying to raise children...if they didn't see the humor they would run for the hills!  I don't know how I will fit in with this group.  I come from a more stayed and stiff generation...we don't cuss in writing nearly as much.  I cuss but just not in writing, so that may be a problem.  I want to know what is going on with that age group...what are they thinking and what makes them laugh!  So, until they tell me to go away, I will stay, donate a little money to their cause and listen in!  In the mean time go check them out...this is some great HUMOR ON THE WEB...better than the cartoons!

In the meanwhile, out here in the burbs stuff has been happening.  I have an inside track on some things so I can tell you more than you will find in the newspapers.  (I don't have a police scanner but if you did, you would know this story too.)

The Burglar broke into a friends house the other day. This has actually happened to us...the guy had a gun and my husband told him to go away in his best high school principal voice. It scared the guy half to death and he ran out the front door. But in my friends case, the gun was in the other hand!!!

Let me just preface this by saying that our friend is a tad bit exciteable and his wife's eyeball will not stay still. She is always so wound up you get the feeling she might begin twirling!

It was late at night and they heard a sound.  I am assuming our friend keeps his gun in the table beside his bed.  Where ever it was he had it before he picked up the phone to call 911.  By this time I am sure his wife's eyeballs were twirling around to the back of her head.  The burglar was climbing in the window as the 911 operator was talking to the victim. "Can I shoot the Guy?" he asked. In the background his wife could be heard yelling "Shoot him, shoot him...shoot him dead!!!!" The 911 operator told him she could not give him permission to shoot but the police were on the way.... so he shot him anyway. I don't know if hom owners can do that lawfully in Oregon but I do know it scared me a lot. We don't have guns...I guess because we have strong teachers voices!

As it turned out, the intruder was mentally ill or high on something. Whether he was dangerous is still undetermined. He is recovering from leg wounds in the local hospital!

As for our friends, they will have some repair work to do...a window was broken and their secure feeling is badly damaged.  I suppose Brinks will be getting a call in a day or two.

And so it goes!


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  1. "I was here" :p

    Seriously...we need humor. Its a way to release the stress from everyday life :)


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