Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Golfing Arizona...Should you buy real estate on a sunny December day?

Arizona National Golf Course on a beautiful Oct. day.
This is one of those days in Arizona that makes you want to sing.  The temperature was at around 71 degrees, no wind and the sun was just warm enough on your skin.  We played golf at Santa Rita Golf Course ($11 per round on Golf Now).  The golf course locate in Corona del Tucson is is a very good buy in the Tucson golfing world and is a very tough golf course.  But on a day like this the houses look beautiful, the mountains float on the horizon in a purple haze and the sun is just warm enough to keep the cool breeze from feeling chilly.  This is one of those day that you should just enjoy...but if you are a visitor, my advice would be to wait to buy real estate.

Like Oregon or anywhere in the world I have always said "don't buy real estate on a sunny day.  If you are thinking that you want to live here, wait until it is cloudy, the wind blows and it is either 120 degrees or 41 degrees"  If you still love it, then come on down.  We would love to have you!!.


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  1. I wouldn't buy real estate anywhere now
    One who did!


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