Monday, December 6, 2010

Park Model party or entertain in the dark!

It will be a lot darker when we have the party!
I am having a party!  There will be 10 people.  I live in a very small park model with an Arizona room that is 8'x22'...not much square footage.  But I have made it work a lot of times.  Oh, did I mention that the Arizona room was paneled by the previous owner and then the roof leaked plus it got about 120 degrees in the summer.  The paneling buckled but we don't care.  The trick is to only have a party in the dark!!!

My husband has tacked white twinkly lights all around the ceiling and when there was a lot extra I had him swag the extra to the middle of the room over the table and we hung a lampshade over the extra lights.  It looks very cool!!!

I don't have any candle sticks down here so I spray painted two wine bottles silver, attached two sprigs off the clementine tree with a silver ornements.  The tree is made of green foil and I bought it at Target.  I painted the base silver and sprayed it with a little silver paint so it would match the candle holders.  The small ornaments were in a container at Target and were the perfect size.   I am going to use silver chargers, wine glasses I buy by the dozen at Ross and some pretty holiday napkins.  Hopefully, I can take a picture or two of the real party on Thursday night. 

This is what you call living stylishly by using what you have, being a little creative and entertaining in the dark!  I really is lots of fun.

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