Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Arizona...Cold weather and Hummingbirds!

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If your are thinking you are cold, take a look at this very cold armadillo caught on the grill of  Murphy's Mom car grill in Amarillo TX.  Check out this blog to see what she has to say.

This weather is so hard on animals.  We forget because, even when the car is iced over, our homes can be kept at an endurable temperature.  Even here in Arizona we see our hummingbirds are suffering from the cold.  They eat large quantities of food but rest in the sun as often a possible.  I see on a garden blog that the cold water in the feeder may be doing more harm good.  I will warm the water and take the feeder in at night so it won't be so cold tomorrow.   We leave our ourdoor lights on at night so they can roost near them if they choose.  Let it be said that we are trying to help as much as possible without interfering with nature....well maybe we do just a little!

Hummingbirds are cranky little territorial critters and will do war over the least intrusion into their world.  This cold weather has them zooming in their airspace and taunting each other.  We face south so our water gets warm quicker and the sun heats the front of our park model.  We have the hummingbird feeder of choice.  The hummingbirds are even following us down the street on our way to our mailbox...I guess they are a little suspicious of our activities and motives!

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