Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Wish I Was a Mommy Blogger....I want to rule the world too!

Now we all know that as we get older more experienced we are listened to less.  Isn't that weird?  I mean, when you are the great fountain of information, a Cliff Claven of sorts, people tend to tune you out!  Sigh!

I suppose that is why I woke up this morning wanting to be a mommy know one of those young women with little children that are funny as a crutch and so, so, so cute.  Oh, and they belong to her.  I don't want the children at all but I want a whole pool of other woman that read me and laugh at all my embarrassing moments.  Their blogging world is just so darn easy!  I want to be them, just without their children or lack of experience or PTA meetings or soccer games!

Being a Grandmother Barbara has some very wonderful perks.  The children can come to visit, be cute and get spoiled with cookies and mac 'n cheese.  Then, wonder of wonders, they go home and their mommy has to deal with tummy aches and throw-up.  I like being a grandmother a lot.  But, without the children, mommy bloggers just don't care about my life.  It's not fair!

So, I am declaring myself a very experience mommy blogger...I have lots of stories and cute stuff and embarrassing moments.  I can do that.  I could even throw in a story about myself once in a while!  In fact, at my age, I have friends that are going through their second childhood and I could write about them!

Mommy Blogger Maddie's Minute and Amelia's Moments
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For example, the other day my friend Carole was invited to a party.  Being the good adult, grown-up person that she is, she offered to bring something.  Bring a green salad the hostess suggested and Carole was so excited to help she offered a quick yes, I can make a green salad.

Carole went to the store and bought...(pregnant pause)... green jello, cottage cheese and pineapple in a can.  When she showed up at the door with her green salad she could not understand why the hostess collapsed in hysteria.  It had never occurred to Carole that they might want a lettuce/spinach salad!

See what I mean.  So Mommy Bloggers here I come...!  I want to rule the world too! (see Kari Henley's article below)


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  1. Love both the Cliff Claven line and the green salad story
    I want to be a mommy blogger just because they get home products to try out as if the rest of us don't clean, or are too set in our ways to change

  2. I hear you Pia...I mean why should they get all the good stuff? I am thinking I would also pass on childbirth again...that was really awful and icky! :=)


  3. I read Maddie's Minutes a long time ago. I used to teach in Hong Kong! I did not know you were related!


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