Saturday, February 5, 2011

Can Google Read our Minds????

I have a new header on my blog today.  Not because I didn't like the one that was there because I think I did. When I woke up wanting to make a change, it was a total surprise to me!  Who knew?

Well obviously Google's blogspot knew because when I turned on my blog, my beautiful header was gone.  POOF!!!  Now how did blogspot, google and maybe everyone in the web world know...well accept for me...that I would be thinking about changing my header?  I had not looked at headers!  I had not even told anyone I was thinking about a change. Google just plain scares me sometimes.

Pia over at Courting Destiny had the same thing happen to her a couple of weeks ago.  Ads began appearing on her FaceBook page sidebar and they were for something she had been thinking of buying but had told no one.  I swear...they are reading our mind!

I just thought you would want to know.  Be very careful what you think when you are at your computer.  Big brother may be watching!


New header from Theme Headers
Link about reading gestures:  Meaning of Gestures in Different Cultures
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  1. Don't laugh- I have a friend who works for Microsoft. His job is to "prethink" for the consumer.

    I don't know if it is me- but your page has always loaded strangely. Today it didn't. The headline used to float and the page is centered left. No clue. Maybe my Mac just doesn't like your server! Macs are like that sometimes!

  2. I know about the Mac...we have always used them. Maybe it was the header that was causing a problem...that and the fact that I never use a template without tweaking it a little bit! I noticed that it loaded differently this morning too.

    Thank you for the comment.



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